Wait 10-15 minutes for complete drying.

Wear loose-fitting dark clothes.

Avoid sweating, swimming, showering-this could disrupt the development process.

The next day, shower gently with body wash. Don't scrub!

Bronzer may run off, this is the cosmetic part of the tan, this is  normal.
Keep tan moisturized to prolong color. Use a sunless product like Jergens Natural Glow to extend the life of your tan.

Your tan should last 5-7 days, and fade gradually.

Call Liz with any concerns you might have

Post Tan Instructions

24 Hours Prior to your Spray Tan-
                        Shave or depilatory to remove unwanted hair
                        Exfoliate skin with mild, oil free exfoliant
Day of Tan-
                        Shower with a moisturizing body wash, not bar soap.
                         Do not apply deodorant, perfumes,
                         makeup, moisturizers or body oils.

 Prior to Liz's arrival-

                           Pull hair back and away from face.
                           Remove all jewelry contact lenses.
                           Wear an old, dark colored bathing suit or disposable         
                            Apply Chap Stick or Petroleum Jelly to lips

Pre Tan Instructions

718.882.8471   liz@lizvarennemakeup.com

On the Glow Tanning

Liz Varenne is pleased to bring you the finest in Spray Tanning in your own home!

Experience the hottest look off the beach! Certified by Norvell, the leader in Sunless Tanning, Liz Varenne offers on site, custom color at your location. 

About Sunless- Sunless Tanning is the way to go for a sunfree healthy glow.  

Who? Sunless if for everyone looking for that bronze glow! Custom mixed for all skin shades and desired level of tan.

How? Certified by Norvell, the Spray Tan industry leader,  Liz uses a special HVLP gun specifically designed for body use to spray a custom DHA based solution.

What is it, exactly? The DHA solution is sugar-cane derived agent that reacts with amino acids on the body to produce a brown coloring. It is not cosmetic, but reacts with the skin on a chemical level, changing the coloring for up to 5-7 days before gradually fading.

Where? Liz offers spray tanning in the privacy of your own home. She brings a pop up tanning tent to contain overspray-no need to worry about having to tan in your shower!

How Long will it....  
                                                          Take to be sprayed? About 10 minutes
                                                          Take to develop? Initial color takes about 4-5 hours.
                                                          Full color within 24
                                                          Last? 4-5 days depending on proper  maintenance

How Much does it cost?   Visit our Rates page for pricing information on individual tans, parties and packages