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All about Airbrush Makeup



Liz Varenne is an expert in the field of Airbrush Makeup. Certified by Kett Cosmetics, Liz has been spraying faces flawless for 6 years.  She prefers the fine and long lasting finish of Temptu's SB makeup which is silicone based. This exquisite formula is the choice of celebrities and everyday women alike. 

*This modern technique for makeup application renders makeup flawless and transfer resistant. This preferred method was developed for Hi Def photography and television, and has quickly become the standard for celebrities and the modeling industry. 

*A silicon based makeup is sprayed onto the face using an airbrush gun powered by an air compressor. Imagine thousands of tiny dots of makeup falling onto the face to produce an even, flawless finish. It is lightly powdered to produce a sweat and transfer proof foundation for the rest of your makeup. It does not clog pores, and only a small amount of product is used to cover the entire face. 

* The finish is soft and sheer, but the coverage is amazing. 

* It is also less time consuming than traditional application, and can more easily cover blemished and discolored areas than a sponge or brush. 

* Usually, just the foundation, blush and highlight are applied with the airbrush. 

* A host of things can be corrected with airbrush makeup.
 Tan lines can be made to blend in with the surrounding skin, large areas of discoloration can be adjusted, scars can be rendered invisible, and tattoos can be easily obliterated.